Peer Review – Senegal

The second Peer Review of the Skilling EcoVET project that took place in Dakar, Senegal, from the 27th to the 29th of November 2023 has recently come to an end. 

The partners involved were the Société Saint François de Salles (Senegal), DBYN (Ghana), LUOVI (Finland) and VIS (Senegal). In addition, the three Salesian centers from Dakar, Thiès and Tambacounda were present with managers, teacher and students representatives. 

With a total of 26 participants and staff, the three-day event was a moment of enriching exchange for all the participants. 

The aim of the Peer Review was the identification of the strengths and the weaknesses of the 3 Don Bosco Centers in Senegal through a peer-to-peer evaluation done by the Ghanaian delegation composed by the Provincial Development Organism (PDO) Deputy Director and the TVET Director.  This document will serve the Senegalese centres in the process of continuous improvement of their offer and in the Strategic Planning.

This publication is co-funded by the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the ECOVET partners and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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